Welcome to my portfolio. These are not necessary my favourite photos, but give you an overall idea of the kind of photos I take. 


Who doesn't love a wedding? I have had the pleasure of being "the photographer" at a few weddings now. I am not a professional wedding photographer, but it is always a pleasure to take photos of people who are looking as good as they do at a wedding. Below are a few examples of some of my favourites from these weddings. 

Untitled photo


Ok, so it is easy to take photos of nature, right? Well yes it is, but you still have to be in the right spot at the right time. Nature is probably the topic I take the most photos of and it is impossible to pick my favourites. Here are some examples, ranging from animals to sunsets. 



Architecture is great subject for photography... when you find the right places. In the following examples, there are some different techniques that I have tried. For example, one of my all time favourites is an HDR image of a railway track. 

Untitled photo
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