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It's a New Year!!!

January 31st 2018

"It's a new year, it's a new me." I'm sure we all tell ourselves that on the 1st January and not long after, we have fallen back into old habits. Well I am going to try and stick to my new years resolutions. This year I am planning on actually sticking to my photo blog and at the end of each month posting my photos from the previous months challenge. 

Back in September (blog post) I gave  myself the challenge 'Sunrise'. I think I bit off more than I could chew for my very first challenge. I am most definitely not a morning person, so being awake and functioning for sunrise was too much. But I have captured a couple of photos that I can share. Just out the back of my house I am fortunate to have a great view across some Sussex fields and one morning, I managed to capture some sheep that were running into the distance, towards the sunrise. 

It was a beautiful morning with a little mist coming up from the field, and the dew on the grass being lit up by the sun. In the photo above, I particularly like the 'rule of thirds'. The middle sheep is right down the line for the 2nd third and because there are 3 sheep it adds a pleasing symmetry in front of the sun.

My second photo tried to focus on the dew on the grass rather than the sheep, who at this point had grouped into a huddle, but again I attempted to stick to the rule of thirds to draw your eyes towards the huddle of sheep. Sometimes, we spend so much time looking up, that we forget that the ground (in this case the grass and dew) can offer up some amazing sights. 

So, it is a new year. And 3 months late I have done my first photo blog challenge. In February I'm going for a weekend break to Washington DC and of course this is too good an opportunity to not use for my next blog challenge. In February, my challenge will be...


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